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The Trips Of Marco Polo

The first trip [edit]

In the Polos were other browsers besides Marco. His father Nicholas (or Niccolò in Venetian) and his Uncle Matthew (or Maffeo, also in Venice) were prosperous merchants engaged in trade with the Orient. They left for Asia in 1255 and reached China in 1266, reaching Khanbaliq or Cambaluc (Beijing). They returned to China as envoys of Kublai Khan with a letter to the Pope requesting that people send in their enlightened rule taught to inform Mongolians about their way of life.
Route followed [edit]

* Departure from Venice.
* Rodeo in Greece to reach Constantinople.
* Crossing the Black Sea and Azov.
* Transit of the Eurasian steppes, crossed the Volga and the Caspian Sea around the north to the Aral Sea and the city of Bukhara.
* Cross the mountains and deserts of Central Asia via the Silk Road to reach Beijing.

The second trip [edit]

Matthew and Nicholas Pole departed on a second trip, the pope's response to Kublai Khan in 1271. This time Nicholas took his son Marco, who soon won the favor of Kublai Khan, making his adviser. Shortly after Marco became envoy of the Khan, who would give various destinations throughout the years. In his seventeen years of service to the Khan, Marco Polo, came to know the vast regions of China and the many achievements of Chinese civilization, many of which were more advanced than contemporary Europeans.

When an embassy from the king of Persia, Kublai Khan asked a princess for the king, the Polo accompany it, deciding to return to Venice.
Route followed [edit]

* Departure from Venice.
* Land at Acre.
* Run through the Fertile Crescent until reaching Tabriz.
* Get to the imperial capital in Beijing
* Go through China to reach Pagan, in Burma.
* Back to Beijing, where he began the return trip.
* Run to the south to Yangzhou.
* Embarking on Zaitun.
* Rodeo of the coast of southern China, Indochina, Malaya and Sumatra.
* Cross the Bay of Bengal to Ceylon and follows the coast of India to the Kathiawar Peninsula.
* Final landing at Hormuz and again back to Tabriz.
* Crosses the Caucasus and embark again in Trabzon.
* Recal again in Constantinople and finally returns to Venice.